Greece combines in a unique fashion, its history, its civilization, its traditions and its hospitality. This combination never ceases to amaze! Greece is not only populated tourist islands nor ancient stones, it is endowed with natural wealth which you can discover if you prefer, with outdoor activities. In this country, where mountains cover 70% of its total area, while the sea is always close, you will have all the time to free your mind to pursue new adventures. Discover authentic regions of an unknown Greece, regions which are not mentioned in tourist guides and if visited, you will be welcome in a traditional way. Our members Guest Inn and the Hellenic Agrotourism Federation are networks of traditional and agro tourist accommodation in Greece. The houses which are recommend are always located in an authentic environment, quiet and well preserved and with respect to the local architecture. These lodgings which are of small capacity offer an alternative solution for your vacations, a way of life in the country, the mountain and by the sea.

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