COVID-19 is putting tourism on a complete hold. What is the impact of this COVID-19 pandemia on rural / countryside tourism? How are expectations to recover from the actual lockdown? How can this recovery be fast and effective?
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The survey will be repeated at the beginning of each month until July. We will invite you to update your views in the same form: please store the confirmation email that you receive after filling in your views. A summary report will be prepared and sent to all who responded by the end of July.
Two other tools exist to share information about COVID-19 response amongst the rural tourism community. The more you contribute, the better for all of us:
In all countries, governments implement tax breaks, flexible rules for setting off staff, etc. We created an online documentation about these measures in different countries here:
Links to useful resources that can assist small businesses in various aspects related with COVID-19 can be found and added here: