We warmly invite you to visit Poland where you can rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Holiday in Polish country is an experience the kind of which you have not seen before, and will not forget. Imagine a peaceful and tranquil countryside far away from the fast pace stress and pollution of the modern world. A place where time slows down and where you have time to just enjoy yourself and surrounding unlike anything you have experienced before.Hospitable people, natural environment and cultural heritage of the Polish village will make your stay truly enjoyable. You will have a chance to learn about local customs and traditions, see works of folk craftsmen and artisans and experience the unforgettable taste of rural cuisine. Scenic and comfortable agritourism farms and accommodation facilities located in the most picturesque, yet not fully explored parts of Poland are waiting for you. The tourist offer of Polish rural areas is extensive, varied and versatile. Whether you seek peace and quiet or prefer active tourism close to nature, you are guaranteed to find an offer perfectly suited to your needs. Book your holiday now, and enjoy the beauty of Poland, for a price that is as friendly to your wallet, as your destination will be to your soul and body.

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