Be blessed in Accursed Mountains - hiking experiences

Don’t be put off by the name of the mountain (Prokletije – Accursed Mountains).

According to the legend, the God created Hrid Lake, high, high in the woods for the mountain fairies to bathe in it, and for himself to enjoy in their beauty and joy. The fairies would come, make the lake curative but, one day, they had to leave. Upon seeing the empty lake, the God ran amok and started throwing lightning and thunder until only bare rocks were left behind and then he cursed these mountains. That is why people call it the Cursed mountains (Bjeshket e nemuna in Albanian), or Prokletije (in Montenegrin).

It is just a legend. When you see it you feel it is more blessed than cursed because of its stunning nature.

The surrounding nature offers great variety of hiking trails. You can choose different options, from the popular but a bit challenging Via Dinarica and Peaks of the Balkans trails to some less demanding but still very beautiful hiking trails. And throughout this zone, in villages and katuns we have active rural tourism households where you can sleep and eat.

NOTE: Please read the description of all the trails carefully and select the one you like according to your physical ability.

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