Discover a new world on ‘Katun roads’

Have you heard of transhumance? That is a fancy word used for an ancient tradition of nomadic movement of farmers with their cattle to higher grasslands for summer pasture, and here in Montenegro we still practice this tradition. And the settlements in the mountains where farmers stay during summer time are called katuns. Katuns are our equivalent of time machines – you step into the past, and live without any modern day conveniences. You eat what you produce and what you pick in wilderness, while surrounded by some of the most spectacular sights you can have in the mountains, often thinking that the outside world simply does not exist. If you are ready to forget about modern civilization, live close to the nature and spend time with goodhearted, simple people and their animals, experience the life as it once was, without luxury and modern comfort, then katuns are the right choice. We have prepared for you thematic katun trails that will take you from one settlement to another, and where you will charge your batteries by the sights, smells and taste of genuine mountains. More about the trails on "



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