Miracles of Palóc

Enjoy the Hungarian countryside!

Imréné Szabó, the owner of Bányász Vendégház (Borbála Vendégházak - Barbara guest houses), is famous about the love of her village and its traditions.  The settlement has a long tradition of mining and the collective name of the guesthouses is also a reminder of this, because Saint Barbara is the patron saint of miners.  Explore the local traditions! 

Miracles of Palóc program package

1st day: Arrival and exploring the area

Welcome drinks and snacks

Accommodation provider guides the guests around and explains the most important information during their stay.

Visiting the Mining Exhibition and Landscape House - The original Palóc house commemorates the past of the Kazár miner. Uniforms, equipment, tools, mining-related books, awards and other documents can be viewed at the exhibition. In addition, the traditional Palóc past of the village comes to life in this wonderful house. There is also a possibility to dress up in Palóc national costume.

Dinner: Local traditional drinks and food at the guest house

2nd day: Exploring Kazár, getting to know folk traditions

Breakfast: Provision of ingredients purchased from local producers if required

In the morning: excursion to the Riolittufa, guided tour - a unique formation in Central Europe

Lunch at the local restaurant, Laskaterasz, where the guests can taste many traditional Palóc dishes - including laska

Handicraft House - folk crafts are presented (weaving, basket weaving, pottery) - all of these can be tried.

At the exhibitions, local guided tours can be arranged upon request, local pensioners guides the guests.

Dinner: Joint cooking at the guest house

3rd day: The exploration of the surrounding attractions continues

Horse-drawn carriage program: corporation with the local North Star Riding School, there is more possibility: horse-drawn carriage program, riding, the guests can choose from different programs.

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