The magic of organic farms of Montenegro

In the world of GMO products, if you want to eat well and healthy, you need to learn how to read all the declarations. Your grocery shopping becomes a reading marathon, stressful and frustrating! But not here. Here, in Montenegro, in the mountainous area we have small farms, as big as one family can manage to maintain. We are not into intensive agriculture, that is why our farmers are not very wealthy, moneywise. But they do eat better food than any of the richest or most famous people in this world, we can bet! This is because our nature and traditions have been ideal for organic farming, and in past 10 years many of our farmers got certificates for organic honey, apples, plums, potatoes, raspberries, cheese, grains etc. Highest quality food, full of taste and aroma, minus any of the chemicals often used by farmers. And some of them have started offering rural tourism services. This means that now you can eat like a king, and if you want, burn those calories by helping in the gardens or orchards. So you get to know both sides of the food you eat, the good and tasty one, but also the hardworking one as well. It is well worthy the effort, trust us. We have been amazed that our guests keep commenting something as simple as oven baked potato, as some miracle that has completely different taste than potatoes they eat back home. And all we have to say – this is how potato was always meant to taste! Now just imagine the raspberries… More about organic farms on



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