Palati of Xylari

In the heart of Panayia village lies a magnificent, stone-built complex, the Palati (Palace) of Xylari, consisting of four apartments, one of which is a miniature of a Mycenean palace built some 250 years ago, using stone from the mountains of Panayia. The most impressive and at the same time the traditional room is the hearth, a sitting room area with traditional decor. The other three apartments date back to the end of the previous century and they also preserve, in their entirety, their traditional character. From the two balconies of the complex, you can listen to the sounds of the boundless mountains, and in the courtyard, you will spend many beautiful and relaxing afternoons.

Price: Prices start from 50 Euro x 2 adults

Address: 8640 Panagia, Pafos, Cyprus

Phone: +35799614673