Porfyrios Country House

Porfyrios Country house was named after Porfyrios Dikaios, the archaeologist who first uncovered the treasures of Choirokoitia. The 200 hundred year old house was restored and redesigned by the archaeologist's nephew - an architect with a passion for authentic rural architecture. Porfyrios is a guest house in the hillside village of Choirokoitia. The stone-built property with its traditional architecture, decor, and blossoming greenery revives the spirit and atmosphere of bygone days.

Price: Prices start from 95 Euro x 2 adults per apartment

Address: 4, Grigori Afxentiou Choirokitia, 7741, Cyprus

Phone: +99520973

Email: info@filokypros.com

Web: https://www.agrotourism.com.cy/property/porfyrios-country-house