Two regional parks in one weekend

You will visit two regional parks –the Logarska dolina and Robanov kot, where farming and forestry still take place in harmony with nature. The close connection between people and nature over the centuries is evident in these protected areas, which fall under the Natura 2000 network, and the wonderful landscape. The farm lies on the banks of the Savinja river at the entrance to the Logar Valley. You will be treated to seasonal, home-made food and local specialities. The pride of the farm is the savinjskiželodeccured meat, a culinary speciality with protected geographical indication. The food is local and seasonal. Thus, dandelion and wild garlic will feature in spring, fresh garden vegetables, meats and trout in summer. Mushroom soup and mushroom žlikrofi(stuffed pasta) are made from the mushrooms that grow in the forests behind the house in summer and autumn and for vegetarians, there are home-made cheese and buckwheatštruklji(dumplings) andžganci(crumbly polenta). The farm is home to cows, horses, goats and chickens. And, of course, a dog and cats.


Address: Renata Ambrož Gregorc - Solčava 53 SI-3335 Solčava

Phone: + 386 3 584 6097, + 386 41 705 949