UNESCO natural heritage of Montenegro

Montenegro is the country mostly known for its splendid Adriatic coast. But what really is the main feature of this country is its mountains! Even the name of the country, when translated, means Black Mountains. Mountains everywhere. And where there are mountains, there are also lakes, and rivers and canyons. Worth exploring, don’t you think?

UNESCO experts found some of our sites unique – such as Durmitor mountain and neighboring Tara river canyon. 

Durmitor is a largest national park of Montenegro. With its 1500 species of plants and 130 species of birds represents true marvel of Europe’s biodiversity. 48 peaks above 2000 m altitude, 18 glacier lakes and Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe, and the second deepest in the world, offer a variety of activities in nature. If you are keen on hiking, kayaking, rafting, or taking photos, then we have a something for you. Visit some of the rural households in the vicinity of Durmitor National Park and experience something extraordinary.

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