Tourism Product Development Agency Ajara A.R.

Creation, improvement and promotion of rural units are the main priorities of the Tourism Product Development Agency. From 2015, the Agency is a part of EuroGites which is the European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism.

The Agency includes two departments:

  • The Department of the Tourism Product Development: This department deals with creation and with promo on of high quality tourist products
  • The Department of the Tourism Information Center: This department informs tourists about all types of tourist services and the sightseeing in Ajara, Batumi and also, these centers notify tourists about a realization of tourist products that are already created.

Our mission:

  • Familiarization of a rural tourist potential in order to attract tourists for a long-term.
  • Creation and improvement of rural tourist routes (for pedestrians, cyclers and car drivers), including a maximum spectrum of services.

Our work:

  • Revealing of a prospec ve to create tourist routes in the mountains, their differentiation and marking.
  • Advertisement and realization on of our products at the Tourist Information Centers.
  • Selection of rural houses that achieve the standards of the required services and their further recommendation to our tourists.
  • Conducting of informational tours for tourist agencies
  • Conducting of appropriate trainings for our guides and furthermore, for owners of rural houses.
  • Making of thematic events (exhibitions, festivals, conferences).
  • Establishment and renovation of marking signs and informational desks across the entire region;
  • Publishing and updating of informational and advertising pamphlets with our newly designed and existing routes.
  • Assisting with creation of a small infrastructure for a rural tourism (supporting owners of rural houses with creating additional activities and etc).
  • Giving recommendations for creating facultative types of tourist activities in rural areas.
  • Constant renovation of informational data
  • Participation in governmental projects, connected to tourism

Tourism Product Development Agency Ajara A.R. : 86/84 Parnavaz Mepe st. , Batumi, Ajara, Georgia, 6010

Tel: 995 577 404 197 +995 422 294 433