HANEN is a national organization for rural tourism and farm produce in Norway. We organize about 500 members throughout the country. The administration office is based in Oslo. Many of HANEN’s members are located in areas where you can come close to nature, rural culture, farm adventures and animal life. They offer a variety of activities and experiences for both children and adults. Enjoy hikes in nature, climb the nearest mountain or marvel at the northern lights, or get the thrill of excitement with dog sledding, kayaking and whale watching. HANEN’s members offer comfortable accommodation in peaceful surroundings. Sleep in an old storehouse, cozy “rorbuer” or secluded lodges. You can enjoy a five-course dinner in a restaurant, or go for the more traditional Norwegian cabin-style with “rømmegrøt” (porridge). The choices are plenty, and common to all is the focus on local produce and traditions. Wherever you go, our members are ready to welcome and offer you pleasant experiences, from Kirkenes in the north to Lista in the south. HANEN guides you to the rural pearls of Norway!

HANEN Schweigaardsgate 34 C Postboks 9354 – Grønland

Tel: (+47) 22 05 46 40


Email: post@hanen.no

Web: http://www.hanen.no