G.A.L. Molise

The Group of Local Action (G. A. L.), Molise Rural scarl is a local development agency composed of 78 members, a broad partnership that represents the economic and social partners, both public and private, of the province of Isernia, which stretches from the Mainarde mountains and the Valley of the Volturno to the ends of the Matese.

The partnership is composed of the following: no. 46 private stakeholders, and n. 32 the public with the following percentage composition:

  • 59 %: private persons;
  • 41 %: public.


The company is not-for-profit organization

 The main objective of the company intends to pursue through its PSL – whose main themes are: agriculture, commerce, crafts, the chains of production, sustainable tourism, etc. – is the creation of the dynamics of endogenous development that contribute to the growth of the GDP in the area of your reference. A direct objective and concrete that can not be separated from a systemic growth of the territory, innovative and transversal to the various sectors of the economy to the advantage of the structural diversification of the economic environment and income.

C. so Risorgimento n.302 86170 Isernia (IS) ITALIA

Tel: 0874-471816


Email: info@galmoliserurale.it

Web: https://www.galmolise.it/