Serbian Rural Tourism – Seoski Turizam Srbije

In Serbia, we know to appreciate your vacation and your days off. You worked hard to deserve them, and here’s how we are going to please you. First, this is unspoiled nature. We really mean it. In our villages, there are mountain springs or even whole rivers where you can drink waters right on the spot. Places like Golija mountain, are UNESCO World Heritage Protected sites. You will find beautiful medieval monasteries up in the hills or ancient Roman cities on the Danube river. And your hosts? Well, that’s a whole another story. They will show you are a true guest and a friend here in Serbia. Not a tourist passing by. It will be hard to resist some of their mouthwatering specialties of a traditional Serbian cuisine. So, just dive in. Check our website for more info, and we will make your next vacation once in a lifetime adventure

Seoski Turizam Srbije St. Karadjordjeva 7 RS – 14240 Ljig

Tel: (+381) 63 208 278