TURALCAT-Turisme de Catalunya


TURALCAT-Turisme de Catalunya

You want to know real Spain, the richness of its landscapes, of its climates, of its traditions, of its accents and languages?

The variety of our agriculture, our colourful architecture and gastronomy? If you look for discovering a real rural world, full of flavours and knowledge? … just do it with us, around our tables, in our houses. The regional organisation in Catalonia (TURALCAT) offers you a selection of rural tourism services in the north-east of Spain.

As well, the Ruraltour secretariat in Andalusia will be happy to forward your requests for any other region of Spain to the adequate local partner if you send it through the "Contact" option on this site.

For you to feel “among friends” … that is our slogan!

Carrer Església, 4 25214 Gàver, Segarra

Tel: +34 609 768 507


Email: info@catalunyarural.cat

Web: https://www.catalunyarural.cat/