Urlaub am Bauernhof

Here you’ll find precisely what you need for a genuine vacation: Nature with countryside that knows countless moods and weather that plays myriad roles. Farmers who are people, and who treat you as a person, too. Holidays that reach deep within you and affect you profoundly. And it doesn’t matter what season you come in, or what province you choose. Austria is so diverse, a land of farms with living traditions and folk customs, typical foods and idiosyncrasies. Spring arrives with a flourish and moistens itself with warm rain. Summer is radiant and cools itself off in the occasional thunderstorm. Autumn wraps itself in silence and comes to life through culture. Winter arrives and brings warmth to your heart. Open yourself to the surprises. For farm holidays are always very individual. And they are always different. And there are also rough edges. All of which goes to make your holidays fun. Genuine, in other words.

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