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Having special needs in terms of accessibility, privacy, leisure, relaxation and social activities does not prevent people from spending their holidays in the countryside. On the contrary - many accommodations have been adapted to this group in their facilities and leisure offers. They also have a plus for their environmental quality, respect for traditions and local gastronomy. A form of slow tourism that is also highly valued by seniors.

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DISCLAIMER. These offers are examples to showcase the variety of options for a holiday in our rural areas. They have purely informative and promotional purpose without any contractual or commercial value. You should contact directly with the provider for a valid individual specification and quote. In case of any conflict from such a direct contact or reservation, neither Ruraltour nor its member organization are liable.

Oinou Strata - Luxury Agrotourism Suites & Wine Bar

In one of the most beautiful wine-villages of the mountainous Limassol, and specifically in one of the stone-paved allies of... read more


Prices start from 150 euro X 2 adults per suite
Vouni 4772, Limassol Region