Following forgotten traditions

Enjoy the Hungarian countryside! 

Béla Sándor Koroknai, the owner of Koroknai Porta, is a huge fan of Hungarian traditions, he has his own collections at the guest house, he loves to share the history of the village, show the tools which used to use in the old times. 

Here you can find the program package: 

1st day: 

Arriving to the Koroknai Porta

Discovering the village with guidance – History of Báránd – rich in folklore

Dinner: at the Koroknai Porta, local specialities

2nd day: 

Breakfast: Hungarian traditional breakfast

Visiting “Múltunk háza” in Báránd – guided tour by the service provider

Visiting the animals at the guest house – the guests can join the works, feed the animals, they can show about how to treat them etc.

Pub tour in the village

Dinner: at the Koroknai Porta, local specialities

3rd day: 

Breakfast: Continental breakfast made by the owner

Getting to know unique folk traditions with folk artists, presentation of local folk-arts– the guests also can try those arts and prepare a product they can keep and take home 

Showing traditional gastronomy with tasting

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Address: Báránd, Szélmalom u. 1, 4161