Explore and enjoy the local life in Szarvas

Enjoy the Hungarian countryside! 

Pál Frankó, the owner of the Frankó Tanya Vendégház, is famous for his local knowledge and his love for the settlement of Szarvas. The package includes a guided tour with a map, on which attractions, local pubs and restaurants are marked to be able to know the best places and get to know the local habits.

1st day: 

Welcome drinks and snacks

Enjoying the local opportunities – pool, sauna, jacuzzi

Dinner: at the guest house – local specialities 

2nd day: 

Breakfast: Hungarian traditional breakfast

The service provider gives a map to the guests, which includes the local restaurants and the pubs – the service provider also provides a guided pub tour by bike or by horse carriage

Bike tour – discovering the surrounding

Lunch: in Turul Restaurant (or other one which is marked on the map) 

Pub tour by bike or by horse carriage – guided tour

Dinner: during the pub tour in a local restaurant

3rd day: 

Visiting the local market and have a breakfast here

Visiting the centre of Historical Hungary in Szarvas 

Canoe tour and/or boat tour around the Water Theatre

If you have any question, please contact us here: frankotanya@gmail.com


Address: 5540 Szarvas, Mótyói szőlők, 72/2.


Email: frankotanya@gmail.com