Eesti Maaturism – Estonian Rural Tourism Association

Non-profit organisation Estonian Rural Tourism (ERTO) was established in January 2000. It is objective is to represent the common interests of rural tourism service providers in order to support the development of countryside tourism in Estonia. The organisation has ab 300 members from all rural areas from Estonia, which is really strong network of tourism businesses and other tourism service providers. ERTO represents a rural tourism cluster comprising rural tourism entrepreneurs, rural SMEs in agricultural and production sectors, active tourism providers, travel associations, schools teaching tourism and others. ERTO has more than 17 years experience and competence in development and marketing of rural tourism products in domestic and foreign markets. ERTO has participated in many cross-border and national projects concerning product development, branding and promotion of rural tourism, quality assurance etc. During these projects a variety of analyses and research exercises, strategies, marketing materials for end users, manuals and training videos were completed. There has been training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences arranged for members of the organisation. In addition, the organisation has shared its experience in many international seminars and has organised many marketing and capacity building events. One of the important fields is development and promotion of culinary tourism of Estonia. ERTO participated actively in implementation of “Estonian Food” project in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture and the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce ca 10 years ago and now ERTO is the main partner for the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs and Enterprise Estonia Tourism Board in creation and promotion of Estonian Culinary Route, which is part of the Baltic Sea Culinary Routes. ERTO has long term experiences in working with foreign markets and in putting together holiday packages, in offering personal consulting and in helping members with product development, service design. ERTO is administrating the rural accommodation quality system and Eco-label EHE system in Estonia.The organisation works closely with the various tourism umbrella organisations and stakeholders.

Vilmsi 53 g EE – 10147 Tallinn

Tel: +372 600 9999