What makes Georgia so unique?

Georgia is a small country with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage, situated at strategically important crossroads, where Europe meets Asia. Just a bit smaller than Austria – 70,000 km2 - it neighbors: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia.

Experience Georgian countryside, be a guest at a local farm, village house or guesthouse; admire beautiful landscapes of deep river gorges, alpine meadows, lush forests, green fields and valleys. Explore religious and cultural sites. We invite you to learn more about indigenous crops, endemic species, including a great variety of vine and wine. Meet local craftsmen, get acquainted with polyphonic singing tradition that is centuries old, taste organic food and elaborate home-made dishes, learn the high craft of Georgian toasting with excellent Georgian wine. Simply experience what “Georgian life” means.

What are the reasons to travel to Georgia?

1. Cradle of Wine & Delicious Cuisine

2. Unparalleled Culture

3. Unique Alphabet

4. UNESCO Heritage Sites

5. Europe’s Highest Settlement (Ushguli)

6. First European Civilization

7. Flora & Fauna

8. A lot of Sun and Beach Resorts

9. Mountains and Trekking

Georgia it is a year-round destination:

• Relaxation at different resorts – anytime!

• Exploring Georgian culture

• Discovering natural wonders

• Tasting Georgian wine and cuisine

Also our country is one of the safest destinations in the world. According to ChartBin´s criminal index, Georgia es listed among 6 safest countries in the world. Georgia has a liberal visa regime, citizens of 97 nations and Resident Permit holders of 50 countries may enter Georgia without a visa.

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