If one wishes to escape into the nature to take a break from busy urban life and discover the “heart shaped land” of Europe, Alterural will offer a great number of contacts for accommodations and homemade quality products in the Bosnian countryside. Alterural is a non-profit civil society organization created in 2009 and dedicated to the development, promotion and professionalization of rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have been a member of Eurogites since 2011 and as such we have organized technical workshops and advisory services to the owners as well as facilitated the creation of local destinations. Our main objectives are both to provide economic perspectives for the communities living in the villages preserve and valorize the rural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our association is open to cooperate with all individuals, farmers and organizations already involved in rural tourism, and specifically the ones who are striving to work in the rural and/or ethno tourism, but are lacking necessary professional support and promotion. On our website you may find a complete offer of local products and services, maps of beautiful natural sites and gastronomy…all the way to the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Alterural aims to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as a remaining authentic destination made of contrasts and dense history, with a bulk of undiscovered beauties to explore, generous encounters to experience and a huge potential to satisfy traveler’s wishes throughout all four seasons of the year.

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