Travel through time in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Welcome to the heart of Balkans. Bordered by Croatia to the north, west and south; Serbia to the east; the Adriatic sea to the south, Bosnia – once upon a time it was, and even now it remains, a border between the East and the West, successively conquered by the Roman, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. The country is known for its rich cultural and religious diversity. Travel to the heart of Balkan will offer you variety of contrasted landscapes from breathtaking mountains to warm Mediterranean atmosphere. You will experience the amiable hospitality of its inhabitants by visiting their small local farms. The families will offer traditionally prepared food: bread, juices, honey, milk and a homemade pita. Alterural will help you to connect with these families. Throughout the years Bosnia and Herzegovina remains as one of the last undiscovered natural regions of the southern area of the Alps. The country has become a popular ecotourism destination primarily attracting nature and adventure lovers. In a well preserved nature, surrounded with thermal water and a unique flora and fauna, you may discover many hiking and trekking paths. Eventually try rafting on Tara or Neretva rivers and learn to collect wild medicinal plants, berries and mushrooms, or simply share authentic moments with your family and friends joined by your local hosts.

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